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Custom Wood Tree Words

Custom Wood Tree Words

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  • Cut from sturdy MDF wood
  • Approx 2.5-3" tall
  • Length varies
  • No props or other items included

Make your Christmas tree truly stand out with Tree Words! These stunning and customizable words are the perfect addition to your holiday decor. Just imagine the elegance they will bring, delicately perched on the branches of your tree, or even as charming place settings for your festive gatherings.

With Tree Words, you have the freedom to choose any words you desire, up to 10 letters in length. Each set includes four beautifully crafted words, carefully designed to add a touch of personalization to your holiday celebrations. 

Please note that Tree Words do not come with twine for hanging as they are meant to sit gracefully on the branches of your tree. Their versatility extends beyond just adorning trees – they also make fantastic place settings! Rest assured that the spelling and formatting of each word will be copied exactly as you type it. We understand how important it is to get every detail just right for your special occasion.

Each word measures approximately 2.5 to 3 inches tall, depending on the letters in the word, ensuring a perfect fit within your holiday display. The length of each ornament varies based on the number of letters chosen. Each is cut from 1/8" thick MDF which is beautiful as-is but also easy to paint!

Elevate your holiday decorations with Tree Words and create a stunning visual impact this festive season. Order now and make this Christmas truly memorable!

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